General FAQ

Please read if you have any questions!


From now on, we are offering a flat rate shipping of $1 for all singaporean buyers!
This means that no matter how many items you order, the shipping and handling fee only cost $1.
No more fretting over how heavy your items are!
You can either choose to use normail mail or registered mail.
There would be an additional fee of S$2.25 if you wish to opt for registered mail.

Zone 1:
Weight not over 20g = $0.45
Weight not over 50g = $0.55
Weight not over 100g = $0.85

Zone 2:
1st 20g = $0.65
Additional 10g = $0.25

Zone 3:
1st 20g = $1.10
Additional 10g = $0.35

Postage and handling fees will be notified in email.

Please refer to if you wish to estimate your shipping charges.

Pls refer to for more details on the zone you are in.

All International purchases will be registered for extra protection.

There would be an additional fee of S$2.25 for registered mail.


Payment can be made by ATM bank/funds transfer and by mail.

We will only accept payment by Paypal for overseas orders.

Please note that no change will be given if payment by mail is chosen. (so please give the full amount)

Do note that all currency used in this blog are in Singapore Dollars.


Items will be put in a bubble wrapped envelope with extra bubble wrap wrapped around the items. (For Postage)

Items will be put in plastic bag for meet ups.

Earrings comes with a paper backing. 

Refund/Exchange/Replacement Policy

Strictly No refund of items after purchasing.

Strictly No exchange of items after purchasing.

Replacement is only valid for items which are shipped. No replacement for meet ups.

Replacement will only be shipped after picture of damaged product is verified.