Customised Items

This page shows you all the customized items we have made! 
Note: Some items cannot be remade due to original buyer's wish.

A Customized White Pocky Keychain for Xenia

A Customized 3 Layer Star Ring for Madalyn

Customized Cloud -to be made into necklace- Pendent for Kathleen

Customized 3 Layer Small Star Ring for Grace

Customized Heart Ear Studs for Florence

Customized Sprinkles Donut earrings for Suvian

Customized Chocolate Chip Cookie charm for Suvian

Customized Sprinkles Donut charm and Fruit Donut charm respectively for Suvian

Customized Candy Cane Ear Studs for Sybelle, Shivon and Vanessa

Customized Candy Cane Necklace for Sybelle

Customized Ladybug and Leaf Ear Studs for Angeline

Customized Apple and Leaf Ear Studs for Edna

Customized chocolates, swiss roll and candy cane cabochons for Xenia

Customized Star and Moon earrings for Edrea

Customized blue bow hair tie for Edrea

Big Cream Sprinkles donut cabochons for Shanice

Big chocolate chip cookies cabochons for Shanice
Half Chocolate Half Strawberry Heart Ear Studs for Kai Ting 

Big Sandwich and Swiss roll cabochons for Shanice