About Us

 Welcome! This shop is owned by Melanie and Sutini.

We sell handmade accessories made from felt,polymer clay and beads at reasonable prices!

Please read the T&C before purchasing anything.

For general enquires, please email to MyKawaiiDen@gmail.com and we would reply you ASAP.

Out of stock items can be remade if requested. We will NOT stock up out of stock items unless there are buyers.

Items that we sell are durable, but please do not throw,step or delibrately destroying the item.

Due to handmade nature of items, each item may differ slightly.

Due to different computer resolutions, colour of items may differ slightly.

ALL HANDMADE items are CUSTOMIZABLE!! (Unless otherwise stated) Pls include ur requests in the order form, under "Other Additional Information".

If you have any urgent request, feel free to contact any of us and we will be pleased to respond to your request.

However, for general enquires, please drop us an email at MyKawaiiDen@gmail.com and we will reply you ASAP. Thxs!

Note: Please keep accessories made from polymer clay away from direct sunlight and felt items away from water.

All text and pictures belong to My Kawaii Den. They should not be used without permission from My Kawaii Den.